Transatlantic Research Partnership – Call for applications

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The 2024 Call for Applications will be open on December 1, 2023
Application Deadline: February 29, 2024

Program Description

The Transatlantic Research Partnership provides a unique framework to enable promising and innovative projects to reach their full potential and enrich French-American research collaborations.

The Transatlantic Research Partnership seeks out cutting-edge projects of great originality where an initial investment can make a substantial difference by putting American and French partners at the forefront of a new area of inquiry. The two-year terms of the program grants will provide the stable platform and confidence that projects on the cusp of taking off require. This investment in early-stage projects and in engaging talented young scholars from diverse backgrounds working at the frontiers of knowledge will jumpstart innovative initiatives and facilitate the emergence of a new generation of international leaders.

The Fund considers projects jointly submitted by two scholars at the beginning of their careers.

Applications are accepted in the three following fields:

• Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS)

• Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

• Science for Society (interdisciplinary STEM-HSS projects)

Selected projects will receive a $20,000 grant, to be shared equally between the French and the American partners over 2 years. These funds will support transatlantic mobility of researchers, collaborative research activities such as the organization of international workshops or conferences, and the production of joint publications.

The grant covers travel expenses between France and the US, accommodation and living expenses in these two countries, and costs of joint endeavors including the organization of conferences and publication fees. It can also support mobilities of researchers for project purposes in a third country.


Vincent Lépinay
Higher Education Attaché
[email protected]

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