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The photos on this site come from various sources.

Those from the communication mission officer can be reproduced in France and abroad, excluding any commercial use, and must include mandatory origin attribution.

The photographer for the service is: Héloïse Therrat.

Mention to be included: “Photograph: Office for Science and Technology, Embassy of France in the United States/photographer’s name.”

High-resolution photos for publication are also available on request under the same terms of use. Please contact us.

For photographs from other sources, please seek permission from the organization mentioned in the credits.



The information provided on this site is offered as a service to the public. Despite all the care taken in transcribing official texts and verifying content and information, the elements posted online cannot, in any way, claim to be accurate and do not engage the responsibility of the Office for Science and Technology.

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The Office for Science and Technology cannot be held responsible for any damage of any kind resulting from the interpretation or use of the information and/or documents available on this site.


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Numerous links to other sites, private or official, French or foreign, are provided. Their presence does not commit the ministry to their content and only aims to make it easier for users to find other documentary resources on the subject being consulted.


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