Postdoctoral Associate – Cardiac Regeneration, Rosenthal Lab


The group seeks to establish the genetic and molecular basis by which myocardial inflammation orchestrates key elements of adverse left ventricular (LV) remodeling including myocardial fibrosis. Fibroblasts adopt unique phenotypes in the failing heart, characterized by markers of activation and diversification into distinct cell types. However, the exact mechanisms of fibroblast cross-talk with other cardiac cell-types and infiltrating immune cells are incompletely understood.

The specific project entails:
•    Understanding mechanisms of cardiac fibroblast activation and diversification in the context of ischemic injury and heart failure
•    Identification of individual genes that modulate cardiac fibrosis, fibroblast activation and fate specification using a genetic diversity screen in mice.
•    Validation of identified mechanisms in vitro and in vivo.
The project is supported by the Leducq Foundation Trans-Atlantic Network of Excellence.  

Applicants must apply online at:–-Cardiac-Regeneration–Rosenthal-Lab_JR000516

The preferred candidate will be a postdoctoral scientist with a background in genetics, developmental biology, cardiovascular biology, immunology or similar disciplines.  Experience with mouse models is essential; experience with cell culture and single cell transcriptomic analysis is preferred.


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