New Aero Space & Beyond Summit


  • Emmanuelle Pauliac-Vaujour, Attachée for science & technology, San Francisco, USA
  • Valentine Asseman, Deputy for science and technology, San Francisco, USA
  • tbc: Héloïse Therrat, IT & communication, Embassy of France, Washington DC
  • tbc: Louise Le Cam, Educational Affairs, Consulate of France, SF (if kids present)
  • Gauthier Vasseur, Executive Director, Haas UC Berkeley
  • Madelyn Montilla, Project Manager,  [email protected]
  • Olha Sytnyshenko, Director Operation at the Fisher Center, [email protected]

Partners involved in the project :

  • Alex Bayen
  • Sandrine Dudoit
  • Citris Center
  • Institute for Business Innovation – Haas School of Business
  • Berkeley Extension ?
  • Franck Marchis (contributions in kind: access to rooms, Unistellar telescopes for day/night observations on day 3)


  • A scientific and thought-provoking journey motivated by the challenges of the hugely innovative “New Aero+space” field
  • 3 days of event focused on 3 main areas in Aero+space:
    • AIR
    • SPACE
    • & BEYOND
  • Objectives of the day :
    • Navigate ventures and gambits to chart a course for sustainable progress


  • From June 5 to June 7, 2024


  • NASA
  • Berkeley
  • USS Hornet in Oakland Bay?
  • Résidence de France (dinner or cocktail)
  • The Archery in SF, 2 industrial-style spaces (100 or 230 people), access through Franck Marchis (maybe not free, but very discounted rate)
  • California Academy of Science, access through Franck Marchis (maybe not free, but very discounted rate), possibility to project “5000 eyes” in the planetarium?
  • SETI has a room for approx. 70 people (Moutain View)

Event Description


Start adding names per sub-subject (in all business-innovation-research-humanity categories)

  • AIR (= On earth and in the atmosphere) 
    • Aircraft for the Olympic Games in Paris
    • Deliveries by drone
    • Drone warfare
    • New modes of aviation
    • Ecology of human aviation activities
    • Pilot Airlink Berkeley Space Center
  • Alex Bayen
    • Mars
    • The Moon
  • Qosmosys (François Dubrulle, Franck Marchis)
    • Satellites
      • Ecological impact of our activities in space (satellite saturation, satellite Moore’s Law) Astronaut Edward Lu
    • Rockets & launchers
  • Name of company at Playground who prints rocket parts in 3D?
  • Loft Orbital (Pierre-Damien Vaujour)
  • Humans in space
  • & BEYOND
    • Cosmology
  • Nathalie Palanque-Delabrouille, Jacques Delabrouille (LBNL)
    • Talking about open science
  • Franck Marchis (Unistellar), Satya Gontcho A Gontcho (LBNL)
  • How can general public be involved 
    • Where do we stand in our knowledge of life forms in the universe?
  • Franck Marchis (SETI)
  • Which other paradigm need to change – Nuclear Fusion, Quantum?
    • Livermore (French researcher ?)


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