CNESMAG 88 – CSR: CNES rises to the challenge


The 88th edition of is dedicated to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at

Editorial of Marie-Claude Salomé, Director of Communications :

Earth is our home and it will remain so for a long time to come. The well-being of our planet’s populations and the preservation of the environment on which we rely for our resources and daily lives both depend on our ability to pull together in the same direction. At we are keenly aware of our obligations as a government agency, which is why we are committed to affirming our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ensuring that our space missions and activities bring positive impacts for the planet, society, citizens and’s people.
Our CSR strategy is geared towards the challenges facing the space sector and society at large. As you will see in this issue of, we are working at all of our facilities to get space assets to advance our understanding of weather phenomena, preserve nature and tackle climate change, to support territorial needs, to guarantee that space remains open and sustainable, and to achieve gender equality and diversity.
Our contribution to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals is obviously fired by the creativity of our people, partners and stakeholders. Because we know that exploration is the way to knowledge, discovery and the pleasure of learning, it is together, spurred by our curiosity and thirst for new ideas, that we are seeking to meet the climate and social challenges before us.

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