CNESMAG 95 – Space Transportation: The crucial connection

The 95th issue of is dedicated to space transportation.

Editorial of Marie-Claude Salomé, Director of Communications :

Space transportation is the cornerstone of our strategy, the linchpin connecting ground and space systems, and a sovereign capability for nations that possess it.
France has long been a key player in space transportation through its presence at the Guiana Space Centre, Europe’s spaceport, and its expertise in launchers with the Ariane series.
Space transportation involves much more than just orbiting satellites; it is also a prerequisite for maintaining systems in space and sending human crews there.
It is also addressing society’s concerns with regard to sustainable development and environmental conservation, pursuing projects to develop reusable launchers and to optimize and modernize ground support facilities.
Today, access to space and sustainable development are two of the four pillars of’s Objectives and Performance Contract with the government.
In this issue of we invite our readers to come with us on an adventure that we are continuing to write with our partners in Europe, to build the space transportation of the future.
We hope you enjoy the journey.

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