CNESMAG 87 – Exploration : moving up a scale

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The 87th edition of is dedicated to the human exploration of the Moon and Mars.

Editorial of Jean-Yves Le Gall, President of :

How far will humans venture into space? And when they get there, what will they do and what will they discover? These questions are no doubt the real reasons motivating human space exploration, which has been making the headlines recently in the world of space. Today, we can reasonably hope to set foot on Mars within the next two to three decades. This endeavour will call for close international cooperation in overcoming all of the obstacles still in our path. The United States, China and with them Europe, Japan, Canada and other space powers will first be returning to the Moon before 2030 to establish a long-term base, as they already have on the International Space Station (ISS), which recently celebrated 20 years of uninterrupted human presence. This will enable us to fill the gaps in our understanding of the Moon and its resources, of how Earth formed, and above all to learn to live more self-sufficiently outside the protective shield of our planet’s magnetic field. In the meantime, Thomas Pesquet, France’s tenth astronaut, will be going back to the ISS this spring on the long-duration Alpha mission. He will thus be playing an active part in readying for this return to the Moon—the chief goal of human space exploration for the coming decade.

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