co-publications Franco-Américaines in 2019


Disclaimer : This first exploratory analysis of 2019 datasets aims at understanding the distribution of French and US collaborations. Data was kindly provided by George Panagopoulos and Michalis Vazirgiannis from Ecole Polytechnique. They were gathered from the Microsoft Academic Graph MAG, the largest open bibliographic dataset, that contains detailed information such as : authors, publications and institutions. This analysis includes all scientific publications between January and November 2019 having at least one author affiliated with an American institution and one author affiliated with a French one.

Please note that institute names have been changing in France. Besides, a common double affiliation system between organisms (such as CNRS or INSERM) and Universities induces a bias. This should only be considered as a first attempt to organize and visualize French-American collaborations based on publication data. One must obviously keep also in mind that publications are only one of the many dimensions of scientific interactions/collaborations (eg : meetings, patents).

A more complete study based on a longer timeframe is available on George Panagopoulos blog :


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