The French American Doctoral Exchanges Program (FADEx) was launched in 2014 by the Science and Technology Service (SST) of the French Embassy in the United States.
Each year, a dozen American doctoral students who are laureates of the program on a specifically targeted theme are invited to spend a week in France to meet French doctoral students, visit research infrastructures and attend scientific conferences in their field with the prospect of future scientific collaborations.

● Promote scientific exchanges between French and American doctoral students working in the same scientific field,
● To encourage the emergence of Franco-American collaborations,
● Promote the French research system to young American scientists.

Beneficiaries and eligibility
The program is intended for doctoral students working in each year’s target field.

Applications / Selection
The selection of doctoral students taking part in the program varies according to the year: call for applications and selection of laureates based on criteria of excellence and motivation or selection by American universities solicited by the SST because of its level of excellence in the chosen theme.

Sequence of Events
Each year, a dozen or so American doctoral students who are winners of the program are invited to spend a week in France. Exchanges between American and French doctoral students take place during a thematic seminar. The doctoral students present their work to their peers at an international conference (in English) while remaining in an informal setting. These interactions bring French and American doctoral students closer together and serve as a basis for developing future collaborations.

Examples of areas addressed by the FADEx program: Advanced architecture for photovoltaic cells, March 2015 Nanoparticles applied to medicine, March 2016 Cybersecurity, June 2017 Ocean, October 2017 & May 2018 Artificial intelligence, June 2018, Cybersecurity 2023.

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