Agronomic Research, Food Science and Green Technology


Agriculture in the Midwest is famous for its strength, diversity and innovation. The Midwest holds many of the best agricultural colleges in the country, including the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Purdue University in Indiana, the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Michigan State University in East Lansing, Ohio State University in Columbus, and Iowa State University in Ames. This can be explained historically: founded in the second have of the nineteenth century as public schools for agriculture and agricultural mechanics (Land Grant Universities), these colleges have now become comprehensive public universities that have kept an excellence in both agronomy (doubled by excellent veterinary schools) and engineering. Beyond agronomy, the Midwest also offers a first rate education in the engineering sciences, boasting excellent Colleges of Engineering (in addition to those mentioned above, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and private institutions such as Northwestern University near Chicago and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio). These institutions have close connections to the economic world through enterprises and associations with producers, and are always endowed with a technology transfer office. In recent years, however, this type of formation has been attracting fewer American students as more and more begin to abandon agronomic study.

Priorities in Agronomy and Agronomic Research

  • Agriculture and new technology: biotechnology (GMOs) and nanotechnology
  • Animal and consumer health
  • Agriculture and the environment
  • Socioeconomic Axis

Examples of Actions and Activities

  • Conference organization
  • Frontiers in Transgenesis Conference: A vision for new and safer sources of food, pharmaceuticals and energy
  • Conference on “Dynamics and Complexity in People and Societies”
  • Conference on “Developing Standards in Agrifood Nanotechnologies”
  • Composition of reports
  • Setting up agreements and partnerships of scientific and university cooperation
  • Presence among French scientists

Information Sheet

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