Thomas Jefferson Funds

The French Embassy in the United States and the FACE Foundation launched the Thomas Jefferson Fund in 2017 to encourage and support collaboration between young French and American researchers and to promote innovative joint research projects.
Priority is given to the most innovative projects including significant transatlantic mobility, collaborative research activities, joint organization of workshops and conferences, joint publication of articles and participation of young researchers (PhD students). Grants cover the mobility costs between France and the United States (travel, accommodation and meals), part of the cost of joint conferences, and the cost of joint publications.


  • To support the collaboration of the most promising young French and American researchers ;
  • To promote innovative joint research projects to meet the major challenges of the 21st century ;
  • To encourage cutting-edge multidisciplinary research projects of the highest quality and seek, above all, to support emerging collaborations involving a team of young researchers ;
  • To foster collaborative prospective research in humanities and social sciences, science, technology, engineering and mathematics and science for society that addresses the most pressing global challenges.

Beneficiaries, eligibility and applications

Applications must be submitted jointly by a French and an American researcher at the beginning of his/her career with a permanent or semi-permanent position in a research or higher education institution in France or in the United States (post-doctoral student, lecturer, research fellow, assistant or associate professor).

The Thomas Jefferson Fund supports very original, cutting-edge projects where an initial investment can make a substantial difference by placing American and French partners at the forefront of a new field of investigation.

Interested researchers can find more details on the call for proposals online:

Schedule and grant

The Thomas Jefferson Fund issues an annual call for proposals. The disciplinary fields covered by the fund are as follows:

  • Sciences Humaines et Sociales
  • Science, Technologie, Ingénierie, Mathématiques
  • Sciences pour la Société

Each grant will amount to a maximum of $20,000 over two years to be divided equally between the French and American teams. Research partners are encouraged to obtain in-kind or cash co-funding from their institution or other funding sources to cover other types of expenses necessary for the successful completion of their joint research project.

If you have any questions, please contact the Thomas Jefferson Fund team: [email protected].