Postdoctoral position on Cancer and Cell Biology in Nice, France

The postdoctoral researcher will be part of the team « Circulating tumor cells and tumor progression » led by Pr Hofman at the Research Institute against Cancer and Aging in Nice (IRCAN). He / she will develop aRetour ligne automatique
project to study the role of ribonucleoproteins in resistance to chemotherapy in small cell lung cancer (SCLC).Retour ligne automatique
The details of the project will be directly discussed with the applicants. He / she will work under the direction of INSERM researcher Patrick Brest (43 publications, H-Index 23, including Nature Genetics, Nucleic Acid Research, Cancer Research, Autophagy,…), in collaboration with other team members as part of a project supported by the National Cancer Institute (INCA) in association with the team of Dr Hubstenberger (Valrose Biology Institute).

Our team is multidisciplinary with 3 PU-PH, 2 MCU, 2 PH, 4 CNRS or INSERM researchers, 1 postdoc, 5 thesis students, 4 masters, 3 Engineers and technicians to make a direct link between biology and the clinic. Our laboratory is part of IRCAN INSERM U1081 / CNRS 7284 hosted by the Antoine Lacassagne Center for Cancer Research located in Nice, France.

Aging is usually perceived as a process that results from the combined influence of constitutional or so-called « genetic » factors, life-style associated factors and external events. Understanding these multiple interconnections requires synergy between many areas of molecular, cellular or biomedical experimental biology or biology, more dedicated to the study of aging and age-related diseases such as cancer. To this goal, the Institute for Research on Cancer and Aging Nice (IRCAN UMR7284, U1081) was created on January 1st, 2012, by the University of Cote d’Azur (UCA), the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm), and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). The IRCAN was established to develop a strong research center focusing on cancer and aging, in the Medical School of Nice and in partnership with the cancer “Center Antoine Lacassagne” (CAL) and the Nice University Hospital (CHUN).

The research carried out at the IRCAN involves major areas of biology, from basic research to medical applications, with the objectives of improving our understanding of the common foundation between aging and cancer, and developing innovative strategies to prevent and cure cancer and chronic age-related pathologies.

Our laboratory is made up of about fifteen people and we work in a dynamic and international environment. The candidate will also benefit from the scientific environment (14 teams and around 200 people dedicated to research on cancer and aging) and the technical platforms made available by IRCAN.